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A Chance For UKIP

I believe UKIP now has a wonderful chance to move up into a major political party. The criticism of UKIP has always been that it is a one-issue party, and it was obvious that it had to bring more issues into its orbit. The amazing thing now is that instead of having to look for issues, issues are being given to UKIP right and left …

I believe UKIP now has a wonderful chance to move up into a major political party. The criticism of UKIP has always been that it is a one-issue party, and it was obvious that it had to bring more issues into its orbit. The amazing thing now is that instead of having to look for issues, issues are being given to UKIP right and left. There is the religious/same sex issue; there is the immigration issue; there is the Social Services issue, and, of course, Europe, which is hotting up. All that UKIP has to do is pick up and run with them.

I would like to say something about each of these issues, which I believe are there for the taking, beginning with religion. Although the treacherous Cameron promised to uphold Christianity, he is doing the opposite. A young lady, who was sacked from her job as an airline stewardess because she wore a cross, and who is appealing the matter, is being opposed by government lawyers. Is that how the government supports Christianity? In schools, teachers have been told that they must teach young children about same sex marriage, and that if they do not, they will be sacked. Furthermore, parents are not allowed to withdraw their children from these classes. Is this upholding Christianity? And, of course, same sex marriage. There are countless Christians who oppose all these things, but they do not know where to go. So in desperation, they are looking to UKIP. UKIP must welcome them and pick them up.

There is immigration – another balls-up by Parliament and the Home Office. It is not very long ago that the Home Office lost 500,000 immigrants. How is that possible? The important thing that no one seems to think about is why do these immigrants, who have to come to the Channel Tunnel via France, and often Germany, not stop in those rich countries, but come on to England. Of course, the answer is that the suckers are here, ready to accept anyone and to put them immediately on benefits. By contrast, in France and Germany immigrants have to have ID cards, and they are not allowed to go on benefits unless they have worked for at least 12 months in the country.

is not a person that one can see; it is an amorphous enterprise, so people do not feel that they are cheating anyone. A good example is unwed mothers, of whom there are roughly 700,000. First of all, the question is why should unwed mothers be given anything? They have been naughty girls, and should be given a good smack. But secondly, in today’s era, it is easy and inexpensive to get contraceptives. Which means that almost all of these girls became pregnant deliberately, in order to live separately from their parents. But most of all, almost every one of these unwed mothers is cheating on the rules, because the rules are that they receive money only if they live alone, and none of them are living alone. They all live with a man, who disappears on the day that the Social Services worker comes. The rest of the time they both live on the state. Occasionally, a Social Services investigator is sent to check on them, whereupon the live-in man says he will break the investigator’s head open if he ever sees him again. That is the end of the investigator. Just this one scam costs £4 billion a year.

The European situation is hotting up, with more and more support for a referendum. Cameron’s response to this is typically dishonest. He continues to want to word the referendum so that it requests “tough” negotiations, while at the same time remaining a full member of the EU. This is an idiotic idea, but more importantly, it is not possible according to EU rules. It seems that Mr Cameron has not bothered to read the Lisbon Treaty. Under EU rules, there is no possibility of any country renegotiating its rules, except under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which would compel the other EU nations to negotiate, but in order to achieve this, Britain, or any other country, must first categorically state that it wishes to leave the EU. In short, what Cameron is suggesting is not only feeble, but impossible. Finally, the suggestion that by leaving the EU, we would lose our trading relationships with other countries is nonsense. We run an enormous trade balance deficit with Europe – we are their biggest customer. There is no way they would want to lose us.

I believe that this is a wonderful chance for UKIP to make a significant leap forward by taking up these issues. I also suggest that UKIP’s name should be shortened, because people are more comfortable with short names for political parties. I would drop the “UK”, which adds nothing to the meaning, and become simply the “IP” or “Independence Party”.



  • I wrote to one of your member and unfortunately he could not be bothered to reply, I think he was at Skegness. I would like to ask if a law could be enforced regarding misleading the public to gain votes, we are sick of the lies, just one that comes to mind, Nick Clegg, we will not touch the winter fuel payments, they dropped it from £300, down to £200, then took it away from all the old people, and the court of human right told them to reinstate the payments. I can not understand why the rich people are claiming the winter fuel payments and if people who leave this country get this payment. I would also ask who is resposible for so many old people are dying of hypothermia, this situation should not be allowed, these old people have fought in the wars and most have worked all their lives, shouldn’t they be given some respect? but with this coalition we are a burden and living longer, this happens to us all, it is an aging process. I am sick to death on segregation, we are classed in life, rich, middle classed and the poor, what is happening? the poor can not help it, we don’t have parents who leave millions after death, middle class, just the same, not millionares but live like the rich, the poor speaks for it’s self, national average wage £6.19 per hour, you know as I do, this is why they are bringing foreigners in, they will work for it, where my wife works in Newark Linc’s, 90% of the workforce is Polish, two partners working their, that is fine but with this recession, it is impossible to pay your bills £216, if you have a flat £100, so they have very little to make ends meet, so to work for this feeble amount, you have to work to keep you in poverty. This is not just how I feel, it is the poor people in this country, does Ukip have the same old policies as the boring Tories and Labour, Labour have gone against unions and now follow the Tories, as in many cases but one comes to mind HS2 is a massive cost for the rich people, it is going to cost 60k jobs, are they bothered? NO, surely this coalition first thought is getting the country out of recession, why not take the vat and duty off petrol but it is going up 4p, that goes onto food, have you been shopping, if so, you know how hard it is for the poor to make ends meet, sorry, I could go on and on but you know how things are but what can you do for millions off low payed workers and the poor, or are you just the same as these sick stupid idiots that are running this country, prove to me and million of people who are crying out for help can trust Ukip.

  • Dear Mr Goodman,

    Thank you for replying to my blog. I understand everything you say, and I sympathise. The problem is that the people running this country are both incompetent and dishonest. Every law that is passed “misleads the public to gain votes”. And, of course, Cameron is the worst.

    The point of UKIP is that we believe in freedom, not government regulation by incompetent fools, and we intend, if given the chance, to govern in a way that has not happened in England for at least 50 years. People are joining us every day, including some MPs.

    I believe that the most important issues today are, firstly, leaving Europe, then immigration, then the persecution of Christianity, and finally, law and order. We intend to do something about them.

    Thank you again for contacting me.

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