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Birgit Cunningham

Letter to The Daily Telegraph

23rd February 2011

Dear Sir,

With reference to your article on Birgit Cunningham the unwed mother, I would suggest that she has done almost everything as badly as anyone could have done.

1. She was going to bed with someone who didn’t love her;
2. She allowed herself to become pregnant with him.  That was even more stupid;
3. Instead of going to live with her parents, where she would not have to spend any money and she would have stayed out of the public eye, she chose to be supported by public monies and to make a public spectacle of herself;
4. She decided to sell her story to the newspapers for money, and then pretended that this was a “protest”. As one of her friends pointed out to her, it cannot be a “protest” if one is making money from it – that is pure hypocrisy.  Anyway what is she making a protest about – her own stupidity?
5. She rang Lord Strathclyde, an old friend, lured him to her flat, and then went to bed with him, although she knew he is married, simply to have a story to give to the newspapers.  She then sold the story to the newspapers, betraying both Lord Strathclyde and his wife. There is nothing more vicious than betraying a friend, but it is even worse if one does it for money.  I cannot think of any other bad thing that she has omitted to do.  On the Continent, they would say she is a tart, but in England, people are sentimental.

Yours faithfully,

D P Marchessini



  • Dear DP Marchessini. You really do live in the dark ages. Corrections to your ridiculous piece.
    1. Harry Nuttall said he loved me. Many of HIS friends actively encouraged the two of us to get married. I was reticent.
    2. “I allowed myself to become pregnant??” Good God! Only a man could actually write those words. Graphic details: Mr Nuttall refused to wear a condom. In the early days I warned him that I was not on the pill. It was a miracle I had not fallen pregnant earlier. I had one very terrifying month thinking that I was pregnant and I wanted to kill him. I was forced to go on the pill due to his constant refusal to wear a condom. God intervened and I was forced to make a very big decision, to have or not to have an abortion. When you are 38 yrs old, this is a massive decision.
    3. My parents could not possibly have supported my son and I. What on earth makes everyone assume that they are rich? For their privacy it would be unfair to discuss their financial situation. I had absolutely no choice but to go onto benefits. Just because I managed to get myself into Roedean does not make me rich. That said, I’ve never amounted to much career wise, I am a qualified executive secretary, average salary of £27 k/year. Not a lot to survive on.
    4. I sold my story because I really needed the money. I have no regrets about that. I’d like to see you survive on Cornflakes and potatoes for 6 months.
    5. I lured Strathclyde into my flat?? Well, I called him on the phone re: the CSA. He invited himself over. Big correction – I did not betray his wife. He did!

  • Dear Miss Cunningham,

    With respect to your reply to my blog, I would like to reply to your comments in the same numerical order:

    1. The fact that Mr Nuttall said he loved you does not mean anything. All men say that to all women. It is up to the women to ascertain how true it is. The fact that Mr Nuttall did not marry you clearly shows that he did not love you.

    2. Only teenagers and wimps wear condoms. No man does. If a woman does not wish to get pregnant, she must go on the pill, or use some other contraception method. If she does not do so, she is “allowing herself to become pregnant”.

    3. Your parents do not have to be rich for them to have you living with them. After all, you lived with them for many years before leaving them. Indeed, the majority of people in the world have their children living with them, and sometimes their grandchildren. You do not have to be rich. After all, babies do not cost very much.

    4. Everyone who does something wrong can say, “I really needed the money”. The world is full of single mothers who have survived without going to the newspapers.

    5. It is impossible for a man, unless he is a rapist, to make love to a woman, unless she is willing. You were obviously willing to make love to Lord Strathclyde. You then used that fact to obtain money, thus betraying your personal relationship with Lord Strathclyde, and also rubbishing his wife in public.

    You do not have a leg to stand on.

    Yours sincerely,

    D P Marchessini

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