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From Top to Dunce

“How have we gone from Top of the class to dunce in 60 years?  That is the question about the education system that the Telegraph journalist asks.  I would like to tell you some facts which will make the matter clear.
I used to have a friend who had been a Communist, but like many of them he made a “U turn” and joined us.   He told me that in 1959 he was running a cell of six Communists in the Midlands.  Now those Communists were not bushy haired, wild eyed terrorists, they were all ordinary people – the town surveyor, town librarian etc.  When that hypocrite Harold Macmillan decided to “open up” education.  (I meant dumbing down and inserting weak subjects into the curriculum”).  My friend told me that they had received orders from Communist Headquarters that his whole cell should leave their present employment, and go into the education system – not only as teachers, but as administrators.  This duly took place and the educational level immediately began to go further and further down.
One of the important institutions were the new Teacher Training Colleges.  A friend of mine, who was in the Education Department at that time, was sent to a Teacher Training College to investigate why the college had made a statement which was clearly untrue.  The reply from the college was “There is no truth”.
The educational level of any academic institution depends considerably on its level of grades, and the left wing educational system that now controls school grades dumbed them down.    Previously only 5% of students received a 1st or an A.  Now 15% or more succeed both at school level and university level.  The government has been pressing universities to accept state school pupils.  Sometime ago I attended a lunch at Cambridge with several distinguished Dons.  Half way through the lunch the Don sitting opposite to me said half of his students didn’t know what they were doing and they had no business being there.    Somewhat surprised I asked the other Dons for their opinions.  They said three quarters of their students had no business being there.
Some years ago the newspapers reported that a black family leaving England had decided to go back to Barbados together with their children.  As soon as they arrived, they put the children into school, and they were amazed to learn that the children had to be put back because the educational standard in the English educational system was lower than the standard in Barbados.  In a recent survey of school children, half of them didn’t know where Edinburgh was, many thought that Cromwell fought in the First World War and several thought that Hitler was on our side in the Second World War. But the most terrifying result occurred when The Times gave a test, not for students, but for school teachers.  The questions were not very testing – “What is the capital of West Germany”?  “How do you spell the word embarrass”?  Yet less than half of the teachers got the questions right.  But there was one question that everyone got right which was “Who was Nelson Mandella”?

So it is clear that the standard in the UK cannot improve unless standards are raised considerably.


The Oldest Trick

A lady journalist from The Times, and another from the Telegraph, because of the death of Cecil Parkinson, have brought up again his affair with Miss Sara Keays.  Their point of view highlights one of the many differences between English and Europeans about sex and marriage.  In Europe, a single woman who tries to break up anyone’s marriage is considered a tart.  But in England, it is the single woman, who receives the sympathy.

Miss Keays was Parkinson’s mistress for 12 years.  It must have been obvious, even to a half-wit, that he had no intention of marrying her.  Yet after not getting pregnant for 12 years, she suddenly got pregnant, when he said that he was leaving her – the oldest and shabbiest trick in the book.  Yet many women have sympathy for her, and do not seem to have much sympathy for his wife who had given him children and spent her life with him.  England is an unusual country.


An objective view

Simon Heffer is one of our best journalists and he chastises the EU for trying to criticise the government of Poland on how they should behave.
He also mentions that he was told last week that Tory donors who are thinking of funding the “Out” campaign have been subtly advised not to view the Honours List with any sense of expectation.
It was also alleged last week that the Tory Party activists broke spending limits to defeat Nigel Farage in South Thanet by using central funds to ship in people.  If this is true, it is a criminal offence and the result should be overturned.
Tory MP’s are saying that 95% of their activists are “Outers” and believe that the next leader will be a Euro-sceptic.

Further on, Mr Heffer describes Osborne as someone whose understanding of economics and financial matters is pitiful.  That seems an objective view.


A Questionnaire

  1. As money creation destroys wealth by devaluing earnings and savings, how does it improve the economic situation?
  2.  It is commonly believed that a lower currency stimulates production. If this is the case, how did Germany and Japan develop into the strongest economies in the post-war years despite their currencies consistently rising?
  3. What would you say are the most important differences between Communism and Socialism?
  4. Keynesians believed that deficit spending would be necessary to make free markets work when they fail.  If deficit spending is needed when they fail, why is it not appropriate at other times as well?
  5. Finally, a royal question.  “If these signs of financial failure were so large in 2008, how come everybody missed them?”

This was the question that the Queen famously asked the professors at the LSE about the symptoms that foretold the crisis of 2008.  The group were the most foremost British economists, but it took them seven months to give the Queen an answer (after a round table discussion). Their answer was that, “Risk calculations were usually confined to slices of financial activity, using some of the best minds in our country, but they frequently lost sight of “the bigger picture”.

If macroeconomists are unable to see the bigger picture, what can they see?


Dames of disaster and queens of quangos

One of our best journalists has suggested why the country is so badly run, namely the incompetence of the sisterhood that runs the country.  Lin Homer for example has just received a £2million pension pot despite her lamentable performance as head OF HMRC. She was named “Dame Disaster” at the repeated failure as the head of other public bodies.  The politically correct Moira Wallace after being a top civil servant in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, is now Provost  of Oriel College, Oxford.

Take the civil servant Dame Helen Ghosh who was with the Environment Department where she was in post during the final stages of the farm payments fiasco which caused £600 million in EU fines and helped push through the Climate Change Act.

Dierdre Hutton dubbed “Queen of Quangos” who earns £100,000 a year for two days a week as Chairman of the CAA.  She is still in post despite the CAA closing down Britains’s airports in the 2010 volcanic ash debacle causing airlines to lose £2 billion.
Nevertheless, these ladies move with ease from one well paid job to another.



Regarding the article by Alison Pearson, The Telegraph about “Rape”
Whether we like it or not, there is definitely a difference as to how this is viewed in different countries, in Europe as well as elsewhere.
I don’t know the facts about Cologne, but whatever happened was affected by the immigration issue. You also mention Rochdale. Everyone agrees that the Pakistani men behaved like pigs, but what about the girls?  They were all between 12 and 16 years old, and were skipping school in order to walk around the streets and talk to strange men.  Is that acceptable behaviour?  They accepted cigarettes and alcohol from these men and they took rides in their cars.  No one forced them to get into the cars.  First that sensible behaviour, in any country?  If a Pakistani had been living in a southern European country – Spain, Italy or Greece – do you think that he would have been able to get near the local girls? Yet the parents of the Rochdale girls sued the Council and the police for what happened – as if it were their fault.  One family has already collected £130,000 damages.  This is the hypocrisy of the English world.
There is a rule of life that should never be broken and that is the rule of self preservation.  Many English women seem to have forgotten about it.  You criticise any system that forbids women to behave as they please.  Certainly a woman is perfectly free to behave as she pleases, as long as she is prepared to take the consequences.  A woman is free to go into a lion’s cage, but she cannot complain if she is mauled.  Suppose three women walk into a pub at the same time.  One of them is dressed traditionally, the second wears a skirt up to her crotch, while the third one is wearing only panties and a bra.  Would these three ladies expect to receive the same reaction from all the men in the pub?


Saving Lives

With reference to Hugo Rifkind’s column today in the Times, entitled ‘US and Saudi Arabia are as savage as each other’, Mr Rifkind insists that there is a “moral difference between a country that will kill its citizens and a country that will not”. We know that does not stand, because the US only executes convicted murderers while Saudi Arabia executes people for religious reasons and/or for arbitrary reasons. There is indeed a moral difference, but I would suggest, with respect that the difference may be on the other side.

As we all know, the death penalty is a great deterrent. When the Communists took control of China in 1949, there was a big drug problem. The Communists declared that anyone caught with drugs would be immediately executed. The drug problem disappeared overnight. Think how many lives have been saved over the last 65 years because of the disappearance of drug abuse in China.

Since the death penalty was abolished in Britain in 1965, the number of murders has more than tripled. The difference is more than 500 murders a year. One would be saving 500 lives a year if there were a death penalty.

There is also an important reason that is not well understood. Fortunately for the human race, there are very few people who are capable of killing in cold blood. When someone does kill in cold blood, he is clearly a danger to society, and must be neutralised. Of course, there is the alternative of life imprisonment, and there are arguments for and against that. The problem is that we do not any longer have a choice between execution and life imprisonment, because although murderers are sentenced to life imprisonment, they never serve it. They serve 12 years, or 10 years, or even 7 years, and as murders tend to be committed by young men, they will still be young enough to commit murder again when they come out.

I have obtained figures from the Police Department confirming that there are well over 100 innocent people who have been murdered by convicted murderers, who had been released from jail. The lives of all those people would have been saved if those murderers had not been let out of jail.


Women Warriors

Emma Barnett of the Telegraph produced an article recently with feeling but short on facts on “Women Warriors”.
Of course, both sexes are not comfortable with women, as warriors, they are not made to be warriors.  Everyone knows that, they are not nearly as strong as men, and that men run faster and jump higher. Nor do women have the same physical courage as men.  You go on to say that it is only the best men and women that make it into the best units, but that too is not the case.  When women were allowed into the police, the physical standards had to be reduced. The same thing happened in the Armed Forces.  I am afraid that, although the capacity to do the same may be  genderless, the ability to do so has much to do with gender.
There is also the question of women’s aggressiveness.  We all know that women have much less aggression than men (thank God) Only a small fraction of murders are committed by women.  It is no good saying that women and men are identical – it is just not so.
There is also the question of sex.  When American troops came back from Iraq, 15% of the women were pregnant.  Not only were they pregnant, but they were allowed to remain pregnant, and continue to serve. Americans had to build all kinds of nurseries and facilities for the children.  Do you think that all this frightens America’s enemies?


The British Marine Le Pen

Since Marine Le Pen has announced a referendum agenda, infuriating Pres. Hollande, members of the French Government refer to Cameron as the British Marine Le Pen.

The Europhiles argument that if migrants do not receive the same benefits as residents that is discrimination is false. Immigrants are not compelled to come to the UK to work. If they dislike the benefit arrangements here they can go elsewhere. Their right to free movement has not been removed.


Euro Referendums

Euro countries are all queuing up to have a European referendum.

Marine Le Pen is threatening one in France and wants Nicholas Sarkozy to do the same.  In Poland although the Poles are not yet in the EU, there are concerns that their main party could use the threat of a referendum to overturn EU migration quotas and climate change targets.  In Italy the country’s second largest party has collected more than 2,000,000 signatures, calling for a referendum.  The Italian head of the Party stated that Cameron’s referendum would have an “explosive impact” on the EU.  The Dutch will hold a referendum in April or a new EU Trade Treaty with the Ukraine.  Greert Wilders, the leader of the Anti EU Party, leads in the polls and is leading for a referendum on Europe.

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